Governance Risk & Compliance

The overall purpose of Compliance Consulting project is to improve cyber security risk posture by the completion of the following activities:

  • Review and Approve Risk Assessment Scope
  • Asset Identification, Valuation, Sensitivity and Criticality Categorization
  • Conduct Gap Assessment.
  • Definition of Risk Acceptance Criteria (Acceptable Level of Risk) and Risk Tolerance levels
  • Definition of Risk Assessment Policy and Methodology
  • Perform a Hybrid (Process + Asset) based qualitative Risk Assessment, which will:
    • Describe the current cyber security posture.
    • Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement.
  • Define Risk Treatment Plans (including mitigation, acceptance, avoidance and transfer)
  • Monitoring the Risk Treatment or Control Implementation Plans, Residual Risks and Accepted Risks.


Information Risk Assessment

Assessment of the Clients information security policies, processes, and technologies to identify weaknesses, categorize security risks, and recommend improvements. This Assessment and Risk Analysis service helps fortify Clients environment and improve compliance with industry regulations by providing a comprehensive assessment of each important aspect of your security program Covering the Controls(Both Internal and External),Policies, Gap Analysis and Vulnerabilities. We Calculated the Risk based on the Formula from Best Practices i.e Risk= (Vulnerability X Threat X Impact)/Probability Where, Vulnerability is an error of Weakness in the design, implementation or operation of a system; Threat is an adversary that is motivated to exploit a system vulnerability and is capable of doing so ; Impact is the Likelihood of Vulnerability will be exploited or that the threat may be harmful; Probability is Likelihood already factored into Impact.

Network Threat Analysis

The use of extranets and e-Business technologies opens organizations up to the outside world, and only through the effective use of security technologies can increased risks to company information assets be mitigated. Network Threat Analysis aims to provide an appraisal of the defenses put in place to protect the information assets from attack.

Web Assessment

Many companies today provide cloud-based or web services-based solutions. With Web Service Security Assessment, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the security posture of an application or solution based on Web Services technologies (e.g., SOAP or REST). Given the complexity of Web services-based solutions, this service is highly customized and incorporates manual testing performed by professionals with vast experience in Web Services assessments. Our security consultants go above and beyond the OWASP Top 10 to assess and test the state of your web-facing applications, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance their security.

Mobility Risk Assessment

We offer a wide range of Mobile and Wireless Penetration Testing services, from security tests of standard corporate Wi-Fi networks to assessments of specialized wireless solutions. For corporate Wi-Fi deployments, we identify wireless exposures using techniques including information gathering, traffic sniffing, and authentication bypassing. We also offer custom research services and security evaluations for technologies including wireless IPS, wireless payment devices, and other solutions

Social Engineering

We offers professional consulting services to assist our clients in the assessment of their human network. The strongest technical perimeters will not protect a company against an attack directed at its people. Our team will determine how vulnerable you are to a social engineering attack with the potential to breach your network, obtain your intellectual property, or even gain physical access to your site. The Service can be taken as Remote or Physical Social Engineering PT, or as Phishing Client Side Test Program

Regulatory Compliance

All the Regulatory Compliances Like NESA, ISO 27000, HIPPA,PCI DSS, etc . Requires the vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing as a back bone report to move ahead in complying the policies. CyberGate Provides the services with a view and objective to comply with the Regulatory framework and perform the various testing methodology accordingly covering Black Box testing, White Box testing and Grey Box Testing.

Source Code Review

Source Code Review assessments uncover security vulnerabilities and their development root causes in the source code of mission-critical business applications. With our Source Code Review service, our consultant will help the Customer understand the risk associated with the application by analyzing the software’s source code and providing a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities. A detailed summary of all vulnerabilities is produced along with a description of the underlying code issues and methods to address the vulnerabilities. Software vulnerabilities can be identified as early as possible before more expensive to rectify the problems .Educates the Customer about importance of application security while they are developing the source code

On Demand Service

This Service Covers the Vulnerability using the Cloud based Service with the methodology approach to discover, Analyze and prioritize the Critical vulnerabilities. This is On Demand Service available instantly to find the vulnerabilities.