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What makes us CyberGate

CyberGate is an Emirati establishment founded with an objective to provide cyber security services that would improve the overarching cyber security posture of the UAE. CyberGate has the in-house depth and breadth of information and cyber security expertise required to respond to the most technical information security challenges related to both Information and Operations.

We offer a complete range of cyber security services and solutions that can improve and protect the cyber security needs of your organization.

A word from Our Founder

Mohammed Bin Bouta Al Harsousi, CEO and founder of CyberGate Defense, a specialized Cyber Security provider that offers world cutting edge defensive technologies.

Mohammed also holds several additional advisory positions, including Industry Advisory Committee Member – CIS IAC, at the Higher Colleges of Technology and an Advisory Board Member – ISET program, at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic.

Today we are a civilization that is completely dependent on Information Technology. It is becoming a main source of power and competitive advantage to all world leading economies. And as an Emirati nation led by substantial wise leadership, we always aim to be the first and the best at what we do. Today we are leading the front line of digital transformation, and as we lead the race, we are the first to face the challenges of vulnerable digital systems, and they are serious. At CyberGate, we realize the national impact of such threats, and we are prepared to respond to the most technical information security challenges. We are here today to build a strong UAE cyber security resilience, and we won’t rest till the mission is complete.

Mohammed Bin BoutaCEO - Founder

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