Cyber Security Training UAE

In 3 years, Cyber WorkForce enabled more than

How long is the program?

who is eligible?


4 months.

Talented Information Technology graduates.

Emirati Citizens and Children of National Mothers.

GPA +2.5


CYBER WORKFORCE is a well-tailored program that combines practical, real-world training and hands-on environment.


Managing cyber security risks requires a proper identification, a full visibility into the organization’s physical and digital assets and all of their interconnections and a complete understanding of the current risks and exposure in order to put policies and procedures into place to manage those risks.


Limiting a potential cyber security event impact can be done by outlining and implementing the appropriate safeguards, control access to physical and digital assets, provide cyber awareness and training, maintain and sustain network configuration and operations in order to repair system components in a timely manner.


Adopting persistent monitoring that detect anomalous and events’ activities is required to ensure operational continuity. Security continuous monitoring is an essential measure to analyze and prevent cyber incidents in a networks.


Organizations must be able to control the occurrence of incidents and its impact by having a well-structured response plan, outline communication lines, collect and analyze information about the incident and implement the necessary actions.


RECOVER Organizations must be able to restore services that were affected by a cyber security event by having a recovery plan that incorporate lessons learned from past experiences and prioritize the actions needed to be taken to improve the recovery strategy.

CyberGate's Current Security Defenders

Ghannam Al Kaabi
Security Analyst
Amna Al Blooshi
Security Analyst
Sheikh Al Manhali
Security Analyst
Sara Al Rowahi
Security Analyst

Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.

At CyberGate’s training program I found out how critical Information Security Awareness is in real world, especially in the UAE.

Now I know how Security Solutions affects Risk Management, to improve your organization’s security you need the best practices for your defense.

Working in an Incident Response team was my dream and now I made it come true.

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