The Integrator had and exclusive interview with the Integrator at GISEC 2023 and shared the insights about the CyberGate.


What were the products and services that you showcased at GISEC 2023?

CyberGate showcased two newly developed service offerings, Managed Detection and Response platform for small and medium businesses and our Managed Extended Detection and Response platform for larger scale or higher security requirement businesses. Our platform is a proper next-generation GCC cloud-native solution and one of the only GCC Hosted and operated MDR/XDR solutions offered to the GCC market.

Furthermore, the solution supports global operations, hosting, and operations from the USA or the EU in addition to the GCC. The core of our platform is complete endpoint management, protection, and visibility. We not only bring a combination of traditional AV and next-gen AV, but we also include AI-supported threat identification on top of our EDR tooling. This all works to stop 99% of the threats, and that last 1% is where our ZeroDwell Containment comes into play.

Unknown executables and files that request runtime privileges are automatically isolated and allowed only to run inside a virtual container that does not have any system access until it has been proven safe. Our endpoint agents are Zero Trust by default. Lastly, our endpoint agents provide assist management, vulnerability discovery, and patching to every endpoint and a fully managed host-based firewall.

CyberGate also offers cutting-edge browser isolation and API solutions now to enhance the cybersecurity of our clients. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and widespread, it has become increasingly important for businesses to adopt proactive measures to safeguard their networks and data.


What steps is CyberGate taking to build strong cyber security resilience in the UAE

CyberGate’s newly developed service offerings, Managed Detection and Response platform and Managed Extended Detection and Response platform, are designed to handle the most technical information security challenges from the start. With our core ZeroDwell Containment tooling, we can instantly prevent and roll back any unknown/unsafe file or object execution. This completely stops threats that threaten a system’s resiliency. Couple that with CyberGate’s Virus Scope AI-supported Behavior and Static File Analyzer built into the CyberGate platform, which provides file and script analyses and reputation cross-referencing against one of the world’s most extensive whitelist and blacklist threat intelligence sources. It provides one of the most substantial zero-trust offerings at an endpoint level that a business can have. Lastly, automatic and triggered highly refined internal & external threat intelligence-based threat hunting.



What are your channel strategies and how are you planning to expand in the year 2023?

Starting in 2021, we expanded our services to encompass the entire region rather than solely focusing on the UAE. Our primary objective is to undertake global projects starting in the Gulf and moving East and West. At CyberGate, we also see that small and medium businesses are often overlooked by many of the Cybersecurity players in today’s market, and we want to ensure that not only government and large enterprises can benefit from next-generation tooling and services, as our newly developed service offering of Managed Detection and Response platform is aimed that this market to not only grow CyberGate but to also grow cyber security and resiliency here in the UAE and the GCC as a whole by offering our technology and services at a very competitive cost per agent to as many businesses as we can.