CyberGate unveiled its project to develop a cutting-edge AI Cyber Defense Analyst Augmentation solution led by David Brown CyberGate’s Security Operations Director. This new offering is designed to bolster its Security Operation Center’s (SOC) capacity and significantly decrease the time from threat detection to response.

The new solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence in partnership with their existing orchestration and automation technology to improve the volume of alerts that its SOCs (CyberGate currently runs two active SOCs with its Dubai location becoming fully operational this quarter) can handle and streamline the process from detection to response, thereby boosting overall capacity and improving the cybersecurity posture of their clients.

“As we continue to witness an increasing volume of sophisticated cyber threats, our mission at CyberGate is to equip our SOCs. with the most advanced tools to enhance their response capacity. Our AI augmentation solution is a game-changer, bringing the unprecedented capability of AI into the role of a Cyber Defense Analyst.” Traditionally SOCs are often overwhelmed with a massive influx of alerts, causing a bottleneck in response times and potentially leading to overlooked threats (Alert fatigue).

With the introduction of CyberGate’s AI Cyber Defense Analyst Augmentation, CyberGate’s Cyber Defense Analyst will soon be armed with a potent ally working with them at machine speeds, sifting through, organizing, prioritizing, and responding to alerts, significantly reducing alert fatigue and increasing response times to threats allowing faster mitigation of potential damage earlier in the attack life cycle which also enhances their client’s security resiliency.

Moreover, AI augmentation technology employs advanced algorithms and built-in machine learning to identify patterns and correlations among various alerts, effectively flagging potential threats that human analysts might otherwise miss. Their AI system is being designed to learn from every interaction, constantly improving, evolving, and adapting to new threats, just as their human Cyber Defense Analysts do today.

“We are not replacing humans in the SOCs; rather, we are giving them an advanced ally in the form of tools they need to be more effective and efficient, Our AI Cyber Defense Analyst Augmentation solution will greatly increase our SOCs and analyst’s capacity to handle alert flows and ensure a faster, more effective response to threats.”

The introduction of CyberGate’s AI Analyst Augmentation is a timely response to the escalating complexity and volume of cyber threats organizations face today. CyberGate’s innovative solution will push the boundaries of cybersecurity, setting new standards for threat detection and response.

 “At CyberGate, we’ve always believed that safeguarding our digital world is paramount. To take our belief further, I am leading this revolutionary leap in our Security Operations Center’s (SOC) capabilities: AI-powered Cyber Defense Analysts. We’re excited about this leap forward, as we believe it marks the beginning of a new era in threat detection and response.” David Brown.


Stay tuned for more updates on how CyberGate’s AI-enhanced SOC reshapes cybersecurity!

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