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Here at CyberGate Defense, we use the latest technology in the Cyber Security industry to help secure IT infrastructure for businesses across the UAE.

What is Web Application Firewall WAF?

Web Application Security solutions protect web applications from cyber-attacks. SecureSphere continuously adapts to evolving threats and enables security professionals, network managers, and application developers to mitigate the risk of a data breach and address key compliance requirements such as PCI 6.6.

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WAF Features & Benefits

    • Model legitimate web application usage
    • Alert or block access requests that:
      • Deviate from normal application and data usage
      • Attempt to exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities
      • Originate from malicious sources
      • Violate corporate policies
      • Are part of a sophisticated multi-stage attack
    • Update web defenses with research-driven intelligence on current threats
    • Virtually patch application vulnerabilities through integration with web application vulnerability scanners, thereby reducing the window of exposure and impact of ad-hoc application fixes.

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Key Features of WAF:

  • Dynamic Profiling: This layer allows the WAF system to detect and protect against threats which are specific to the custom code of the web application. These types of attacks cannot be detected by signature or firewall mechanisms.
  • Discovery: The WAF Discovery Module identifies services and makes you aware of valuable assets that exist in your network. These steps help you to build a map of web services on your network. Furthermore, Discovery can be set up to automatically create SecureSphere configuration objects including Server Groups, Services and Table Groups based on the items it discovers. Alternatively, it can enable you to review and manually approve suggestions.
  • Vulnerability: To help manage vulnerabilities discovered using an assessment, WAF is built with a Vulnerability Workbench which lists all the vulnerabilities that were discovered during an assessment scan. It rates vulnerabilities by severity, displays various details regarding detected vulnerabilities, and enables you to set properties regarding these vulnerabilities. These include their status, the priority due date, the ability to assign them an owner, and much more besides. Vulnerabilities can also be mitigated. The mitigation action for some vulnerabilities may be to block their communication, while for other vulnerabilities you may need to read their description and then take manual action.
  • Policies: Protection is provided using security policies. These predefined policies protect against the majority of known attacks and threats. You can use the default policies, modify them, or create user-defined policies.
  • Monitoring: WAF monitoring keeps you informed of all the events taking place in your system and enables you to understand the risk posed by suspicious activity. It clearly displays generated information in a central location. Real-time information that is generated includes system events, alerts, violations, blocked sources, gateway statuses, system warnings, and archived information.
  • Reporting: WAF comes with a robust reporting mechanism that enables you to produce pre-defined or user-defined reports regarding data accumulated by SecureSphere. These reports that can be generated either automatically, on-the-fly, or scheduled to run at regular intervals, then distributed as required. You can use automatic reporting capabilities to implement a workflow that assists in reviewing the most recent and immediate threats on a regular basis.

Cloud WAF

At the core of our web protection are our security reverse proxy and our Web Application Firewall (WAF in the cloud. These  are deployed across our globally distributed CDN  network. Organizations using this web protection route their website traffic through the Imperva network by performing a simple DNS change. This enables Imperva to inspect each and every request sent to the website and filter out any kind of malicious activity.

Benefits of Cloud WAF

  • A PCI certified Web Application Firewall
  • OWASP top 10 threats protection
  • Service is backed by cloud WAF security team for updating and fine-tuning security rules
  • Easy and quick implementation – usually no rule tuning is required
  • Bot mitigation using cloud WAF advanced client classification technology
  • Backdoor protection to identify and quarantine backdoors planted on your website
  • Custom security logic using security rules
  • Granular access controls based on IPs, URLs, location and client type
  • Seamless implementation of two-factor authentication
  • Real-time dashboard for traffic monitoring and event analysis
  • REST API and SIEM integration of access and security logs
  • DDos Mitigation
  • Account takeover protection

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