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Here at Cybergate Defense, we use the latest technology in the Cyber Security industry to help secure IT infrastructure for businesses across the UAE.


Threat intelligence pls check solution service to provide organized, analysed and refined information about potential or current attacks that threaten an organization. The primary purpose of threat intelligence is helping organizations to understand the risks of the most common and severe external threats, such as zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and exploitation.

Although threat actors also include internal (or insider) and partner threats, the emphasis is on the types that are most likely to affect an organization’s network environment. Threat intelligence includes in-depth information about specific threats to help an organization to protect itself from the types of attacks that could do them the most damage.

threat intelligence

Interested In Our Threat Intelligence Solutions? Speak To Our Team Today



    • Helps organizations by giving them insights into the mechanisms and implications of threats, thereby allowing them to build defence strategies and framework while reducing their threat exposure with the end goal of mitigating harm and protecting their network
    • IT provides organizations with a deeper understanding of what is happening outside their network, giving them better visibility of the cyber threats that bring the most risk to their infrastructure.
    • Cost-effectiveness, security team efficiency and collaborative knowledge. 

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