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What is PAM?

PAM is a Privileged Access Management solution that aims to control, limit and monitor the access of your organization’s administrators. As administrators are normally assigned more privileges than normal users, continuous and real-time monitoring is required to restrict access and comply with ISO and NESA regulations.

PAM centralizes your organization’s infrastructure access (including(core switches, DC servers, Firewalls, DBs, etc.) to a single access portal where all activities are recorded and logged.  According to Gartner, PAM is the #1 Cyber Security Priority for an organization.

PAM keeps your organization safe from accidental or deliberate misuse of privileged access rights. This is particularly relevant if your organization is growing. The bigger and more complex your organization’s IT systems becomes, the more privileged users you have. These include employees, contractors, remote or even automated users.

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PAM Features & Capabilities

  • Session Recordings: Real-time recordings of all sessions. Terminate/freeze a privileged user’s session instantly.
  • Password Management: Manages all password services in a consolidated vault.
  • Privileged User Management: Monitors and centralizes privileged access through a web console.
  • Single Sign On (SSO): Secure access to multiple services with a single login. 2FA can be enabled/integrated.
  • Multi Factor Authentication: Most PAMs offer an inbuilt MFA solution or integrate with your MFA to ensure a secure access for all your administrators.  
  • Real-Time Monitoring: With a PAM solution, you can track all your administrators, vendors or third-party users in real time and terminate their sessions immediately in cases of any suspicious activity.  
  • Auditing and Reporting: An effective PAM solution offers a number of reports to show your inventory, user access review, active servers and active users, suspicious commands executed,.etc. When PAM is deployed, all suspicious activities can be easily tracked back to the user even if the privileged account is shared among the team.

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How to benefit from PAM solutions

A PAM solution helps in managing, controlling and monitoring privileged user activities. The solution provides the IT security team with a centralized policy framework to authorize the privileges based on role and responsibilities and provide rule-based restricted access to privileged accounts. If PAM is deployed in your organization below NESA Control, then it will be covered for administrators.

PAM Model

As PAM will act as a gateway to all your infrastructure, all access to any critical system in your environment will be only through PAM Portal. Once administrators access the portal, all of their actions are videos and their text recorded. Furthermore, no system or application password is exposed or shown to your administrator or vendors.

NESA Standards PAM Solution

Administrator and Operator Logs

    • Session Logs (video of the session)
    • Commands Logs
    • Access Logs
    • Archiving logs
T 5.1.1

Access Control Policy

    • Virtual Grouping
    • Workflow Approval

User Authentication

for External Connections

    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Workflow Approval
    • No direct access is allowed

Secure Log-on Procedures

    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Freeze sessions
    • Set a maximum session time

Privilege Management

    • Restrict admins access
    • Monitor privileged accounts.
    • Trace and audit privileged account
    • Set account expiration

User Security Credentials


    • Two Factor Authentication

User Security Credentials


    • Virtual Grouping
    • Maintain access logs to all admins accessing critical systems
    • Notify in cases of specified commands  being executed.
    • Workflow Approval

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