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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software system that enables enterprises to secure, manage, and monitor mobile devices like smartphones and tablets across the entire enterprise. 

MDM is used to optimize functionality, increase productivity, and enhance data security in a network.  

MDM also provides enterprises with the ability to view essential information about any devices accessing their network. It also becomes possible to manage installed applications that might be running on mobile devices and to configure these devices’ basic settings to safeguard access to sensitive business data. 

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  • The main purpose of MDM is to allow personally owned devices to access enterprise data which improves employee’s productivity while making sure such devices are securely managed. MDM provides enterprises with the following benefits: 
  • Ease of deployment: Enterprises can choose to deploy the solution either on-premises or via the cloud. (Private or public cloud environments.)
  • Smooth Integration: MDM can integrate effectively with other business solutions used in the company. 
  • Manage various devices:  MDM supports multiple operating systems like Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS, and many others. It can manage different device types such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. 

Interested In Our MDM Solutions? Speak To Our Team Today


    • Time-saving automations: repetitive tasks, like configuring Wi-Fi settings, can be automated to save time. 
    • Improved efficiency: custom policies can be enforced to improve workflows within the enterprise. 
    • Increased productivity: non-enterprise applications can be blocked to increase employee’s productivity during working hours. 
    • Achieve compliance: comply with standards like ISO and HIPPA when deploying MDM. 
    • Enhanced security: protect enterprise data from being shared or leaked. 
    • Remote management: devices can be managed over the air (OTA) without disturbing the employees. 
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