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What is Identity Access Management IDAM?

Whether you call it Identity Management, Identity Access Management (IdAM), or even IAM; all are IDAM solutions that are essential to all organizations regardless of their scale.

An Identity Access Management (IdAM) solution is a framework of policies and technologies to manage, monitor, control, and ensure that only proper people have the appropriate access needed to perform their tasks.

IdAM is a necessity, as most organizations are running multiple applications, systems or servers nowadays that need to be managed by a solution to limit and control the users’ access.  

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IDAM Features & Capabilities

IDAM components and capabilities can be classed into four distinct categories, namely:

  • User Management
    • User provisioning and deprovision 
    • Password Management 
    • Delegation 
    • Self-service
    • User and role management 
  • Central user repository 
    • Virtual Directory 
    • Data Synchronization
  • Authentication
    • Single Sign On
    • Session Management 
    • Two Factor Authentication 
  • Authorization
    • Role-based 
    • Rule-based

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How to benefit from IDAM Services?

We provide identity governance solutions with on-premises and cloud-based identity and access management software for the most complex challenges. Our IDAM solution offers a single place for adding or removing users, resources, applications, and so on, thereby boosting the productivity of your resources as well as increasing the visibility over all of your end user’s activities.

Key Benefits of IDAM:

  • Improved security: the IDAM solution can identify policy violations and ensure that all policies and security measures are compliant with regulations. The solution also offers two factor authentications to all users to improve, and add an extra layer of, security.
  • Eliminating weak passwords: research states that over 80% of data breaches are a result of weak, default, shared, or stolen passwords.
  • Mitigating insider and outsider breaches: The IDAM solution can control and limit insider breaches by enabling restricted access policies and configuring alerts and notification for suspicious or abnormal activities.
  • Advanced tracking of anomalies: most IDAM solutions don’t depend only on credentials when it comes to anomalies. IDAM depends upon machine learning, risk-based authentication and AI to spot and identify anomalous behaviors, too.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Ease of use: giving end users fast, secure and centralized access to all of their systems, applications or servers.
  • Single sign-on: allow users and vendors to connect securely to your organization infrastructure without the need to expose or reveal the system’s password to users or vendors.

Why Use Our IDAM Services?

Our compliance controls helps companies to define and enforce user access policies, such as separation-of-duty (SoD), and automates the process of reviewing user access rights across the organization by initiating campaigns for business managers to approve or revoke access as part of a centralized governance program.

In a summary, a mature IDAM solution can increase overall productivity while delivering a secure and fast access route to your end users. It will enhance and automate the process, minimizing your administration load while following the technical and business requirements for compliance. 

You’ll save time and money by reducing the burden on your IT and business staff, while strengthening security and audit controls. 

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