Data Security

Data Classification

We offer the world leading Enterprise Classification System that blends together best practice in user-centric and automated classification techniques in the manner most appropriate to your business. The classification techniques include:

  • User-Driven Classification – Users are empowered to make business-centric classification decisions
  • Recommended Classification – Rules are used to propose a classification to the user, based upon User or Data attributes
  • Prescribed Classification – Data is automatically classified without user involvement, for example in the case of system generated data
  • User-Endorsed Classification – Supplements any of the other classification techniques by applying classification labels that require additional user endorsement before being regarded as authoritative

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Data Leakage Prevention

Our offering on DLP contain a set of tools and processes used to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. DLP software classifies regulated, confidential and business critical data and identifies violations of policies defined by organizations or within a predefined policy pack, typically driven by regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR. Once those violations are identified, DLP enforces remediation with alerts, encryption, and other protective actions to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data that could put the organization at risk. Data loss prevention software and tools monitor and control endpoint activities, filter data streams on corporate networks, and monitor data in the cloud to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use. DLP also provides reporting to meet compliance and auditing requirements and identify areas of weakness and anomalies for forensics and incident response.
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Database Security

We offer a comprehensive protection for your databases, no matter which type of databases you have.
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Database Activity Monitoring

DAM can help with this by providing monitoring which is independent of native database logging and audit functions; it can also help monitor administrator activity.

DAM supports databases in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services – including Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings such Azure SQL and Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS).

Admins will get alerted to suspicious access activity. Dynamic profiling automatically builds a white list of the data objects regularly accessed by individual database accounts. Create policies that alert or block access when a profiled account attempts to access a data object that is not whitelisted.
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