Access & Secure Authentication

Network Access Control

We provide unique solutions for controlling and managing the dramatically increasing numbers and types of devices accessing networks every day. Our solution gives you real-time visibility, letting you instantly discover authorized and unauthorized devices and control access as you see fit your organization.
The device visibility platform provides insight into the diverse types of devices connected to your heterogeneous network—from campus and data center to cloud and operational technology networks. In other words, your extended enterprise. With one platform, you gain a consolidated view of traditional systems, mobile and IoTdevices, virtual machines and cloud instances, and now, operational technology (OT) systems.
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Multi Factor Authentication

Our Multi-factor authentication platform has been designed so that you can tailor your authentication requirements to your exacting security policies. Offering both token-less and token-based one-time-code delivery and PUSH based authentication, you can be sure that your networks, systems, applications, data and brand are well protected. flexibility to support a range of architectural requirements and the ability to ensure maximum adoption, with a range of authentication factors. With a choice of authentication options utilizing the mobile app, or the latest in biometrics with the fingerprint reader.
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