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A Vulnerability Assessment Service is the process of identifying, evaluating, and ranking the vulnerabilities in your computer systems, digital assets, applications, and network infrastructures.

All information will be gathered with several vulnerability testing procedures. A vulnerability assessment shows areas where improvements can be made and shifts you from taking a reactive cybersecurity approach to a proactive one.

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    • The early and consistent identification of threats and weaknesses in your cybersecurity.
    • Remediation actions to close any vulnerabilities while protecting sensitive systems and information.
    • Meet cybersecurity compliance and regulatory needs for standards such as NESA. 
    • Prevent  data breaches and other unauthorized access.

Interested In Our Vulnerability Assessment Solutions? Speak To Our Team Today


Vulnerability Identification

Identify the assets and then define the risk associated with each related device. When analysing the various security threats, full analysis of the health of applications, systems, and servers on your network is needed.

These devices are either scanned using automated tools or by a manual evaluation process.

Vulnerability Scanning

This is done to identify the source of the vulnerabilities that are identified in the vulnerability identification part of the process. It will identify the system components and the root cause behind them that makes them vulnerable.

Here, the collection of public data vulnerabilities, concerning the version, vendor, and other details of the devices is taken into account.

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Risk Assessment

The prioritization of vulnerabilities using a severity score, based on such factors as:

          • Systems that are affected.
          • What data is at risk.
          • Data and business functions at risk.
          • The ease that an attack or a compromised system could occur.
          • The severity of such an attack.
          • Potential damage because of the vulnerability.


The objective of this step is to close security gaps. This is performed by the security staff, development personnel, and operations teams. Remediation steps include: 

        • The introduction of new security procedures, measures, or tools.
        • The updating of operational or configuration changes.
        • The development and implementation of a vulnerability patch.

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