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User and Entity Behavior Analytics, or UEBA, is a type of cyber security process that takes note of the normal conduct of users. In turn, it detects any anomalous behavior or instances when there are deviations from these “normal” patterns. For example, if a user regularly downloads 10 MB of files every day but suddenly downloads gigabytes of files, the system would be able to detect this anomaly and alert them immediately.

UEBA uses machine learning, algorithms, and statistical analyses to know when there is a deviation from established patterns, showing which of these anomalies could result in a potential or a real threat. UEBA can also aggregate the data you have in your reports and logs, as well as analyzing file, flows and packet information.

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In UEBA, you do not track security events or monitor devices; instead, you track all the users and entities in your system. As such, UEBA focuses on insider threats, such as employees who have gone rogue, employees who have already been compromised, and people who already have access to your system and then carry out targeted attacks or fraud attempts, as well as monitoring  servers, applications, and devices that are working within your system.

UEBA Capabilities

  • Detect insider threats
  • Detect compromised accounts
  • Detect brute-force attacks
  • Detect changes in permissions and creation of super users
  • Detect breach of protected data


The premise of UEBA is actually very simple. You can easily steal an employee’s username and password, but it is much harder to mimic the person’s normal behavior once inside the network.


Let’s say you steal Sara’s password and username. You would still not be able to act precisely like Sara once in the system, unless extensive research and preparation has taken place. Therefore, when Sara’s username is logged in to the system, and her behavior is different from that of typical Sara, this is when UEBA alerts would start to sound.


Another relatable analogy would be if your credit card was stolen. A thief can pickpocket your wallet and go to a high-end shop and start spending thousands of dollars using your credit card. If your spending pattern on that card is different from the thief’s, then the company’s fraud detection department will often recognize the abnormal spending and block suspicious purchases, issuing an alert to you or asking you to verify the authenticity of a transaction.

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