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Why Choose Our Security Awareness Platform Solutions ?

Here at Cybergate Defense, we use the latest technology in the Cyber Security industry to help secure IT infrastructure for businesses across the UAE.


A Security Awareness Platform is a solution that provides a formal cybersecurity education to your employees about information concerning security threats, organizational policies, and procedures for addressing a variety of threats.

The topics covered depend on the requirement of your organization. In addition, training is offered on today’s digital technology. This is because it is now essential to build a culture of security in modern, digitally dependent organizations.

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  • The purpose of the training is to develop essential competencies and to introduce employees to new techniques and methods that are generating issues in the cyber world. 
  • To ensure focus on protecting their computer and personal information is maintained as well as how to stay safe from various cybercriminals and avoid putting the organization at risk
  • By scheduling a training program, an organization can ensure that it has a well-trained team that can handle security concerns in a proper way.

Interested In Security Awareness Platform Solutions? Speak To Our Team Today


To Prevent Breaches 

  • A breach is the first thing to be considered whenever you want to improve security awareness training. A breach is the most critical threat to consider when protecting organizations. Investing in the right training of employees to prevent data breaches should not be given a second thought.

For Your Compliance Obligations

  • NESA, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53 all have compliance requirements that focus on employee training. This is done to support employees become more aware of security threats and to help organizations remain compliant for the overall good of the industry and themselves.
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Helps You to Empower Your Employees

  • Training your employees with the information that is required to understand and react to cyber threats will mitigate risk and embed a culture of cyber security awareness.

Protect Your Assets and Prevent Downtimes

  • A single breach could take months of investigation and repair to put right. The wasted  time that your employees could cause because of a breach would be much better spent on more productive tasks. Even worse, you will miss deadlines and struggle because of the divided attention caused by such a breach.

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