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Network Access Control (NAC) is a computer networking solution that uses a set of protocols to define and implement a policy that describes how to secure access to a network.

NAC integrates with your existing remediation and endpoint management solutions to fix non-compliant devices before allowing access or, immediately after, by allowing the network infrastructure – such as routers, switches and firewalls – to work together and ensure the information system is operating securely before interoperability is allowed.

An example of how a NAC is used to manage authentication and the onboarding of devices is through the 802.1X standard as a basic offering. However alternatives through post-authentication systems are also used as part of our offering.

A NAC solution normally has the 3 basic components as shown below.

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Visibility: Identify what kind of devices they are (switch, VOIP, computer, etc..) and through that, gain more insight of those devices and where they are located. Also check whether they are corporate devices or guest machines that are either authorized or unauthorized.


  • Device hostname, ip, NetBIOS and domain
  • User logged in
  • User information from Active Directory
  • Applications running
  • Applications installed
  • Services running
  • Windows patches installed
  • Anti-virus application installed and its version
  • Connection method (wireless, wired)

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Compliance: A set of rules that align with your organization’s policy to check for any possible compliant breaches.


  • Check if anti-virus software is installed/updated. If not, take actions.
  • Check if company mandated applications are installed. If not, take actions.
  • Check if user connecting is part of your domain or is approved to connect. If not, take actions.
  • Identify whether a device connecting is connected in the right location, eg: HR laptop connecting to switch inside the finance department. If so, take actions.
  • Check if a device has the latest windows patches. If not, take actions.
  • Checka  device’s operating system for then latest version
  • Check if user logged in and has admin permission.
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Control: Apply actions on network to quarantine or block the endpoint based on your compliance requirements.



  • Trigger update antivirus on the endpoint
  • Trigger Windows update on the  endpoint
  • Kill application on the endpoint
  • Run .vb scripts on the endpoint

Network Actions

  • Shutdown Switchport
  • Apply Port level ACL
  • Apply IP/MAC level ACL
  • Change VLAN on the port

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