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Here at Cybergate Defense, we use the latest technology in the Cyber Security industry to help secure IT infrastructure for businesses across the UAE.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools help protect your sensitive documents as you share them either internally or externally by assigning the right policies.

The technology helps your organization to manage who has access to what document, when and where they can access it, and – most importantly – what they can do with it.

Actions that lead to data losses such as unauthorized copying, uploading to the cloud, or inappropriate sharing can be prevented by implementing a rights management tool. 

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Interested In DRM Solutions? Speak To Our Team Today

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BENEFITS OF Digital Rights Management

  • Protect documents from unauthorized copying, viewing, printing, forwarding, deleting, and editing.
  • Maintain compliance (HIIPA, etc)
  • Protections persist even when files are shared with third parties. This means IRM sealed documents can remain secure no matter where they are being accessed.
  • Ensure security compliance is met.
  • Granular visibility and control over shared documents (who did what to which document).


  • Data exfiltration 
  • Loss of integrity 
  • Reputation damage

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