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What is Database Activity Monitoring DAM?

Database Activity Monitors capture and record, at a minimum, all Structured Query Language (SQL) activity in real time or near real time, including database administrator activity.

DAMs work across multiple database platforms and can generate alerts on policy violations. While a number of tools can monitor various level of database activity, Database Activity Monitors are distinguished by five features:

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DAM Basic Features & Capabilities

  • The ability to independently monitor and audit all database activity, including administrator activity and SELECT transactions. Tools can record all SQL transactions: DML, DDL, DCL, (and sometimes TCL) activity.
  • The ability to store this activity securely outside the database.
  • The ability to aggregate and correlate activity from multiple heterogeneous Database Management Systems (DBMSs). Tools can work with multiple DBMSs (e.g., Oracle, Microsoft, IBM) and normalize transactions from different DBMSs despite differences between SQL flavors.
  • The ability to enforce separation of duties on database administrators. Auditing must include monitoring of DBA activity, and solutions should prevent DBA manipulation or tampering with logs or recorded activity.
  • The ability to generate alerts on policy violations. Tools don’t just record activity, they provide real-time monitoring and rule-based alerting. For example, you might create a rule that generates an alert every time a DBA performs a select query on a credit card column which returns more than 5 results.

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DAM Advanced Features & Capabilities

  • Content Discovery
  • Connection Pooled User Identification
  • Blocking and Enforcement
  • Application Activity Monitoring
  • Pre-Configured Application Policies
  • Pre-Configured Compliance Policies
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Change Management
  • User Rights Management

How to benefit from DAM Services?

  • By enforcing the separation of duties of database administrators for SOX compliance by monitoring all their activity and generating SOX-specific reports for audits.
  • Auditing for compliance. One of the biggest boosts to the DAM market has been increasing auditor requirements to record database activity for SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliance. Some enterprises are required to record all database activity for SOX, and DAM tools can do this with fewer overheads than alternatives.
  • For PCI compliance, some organizations encrypt their database files or media where they’re stored, and also use DAM to audit and alert on access to the credit card field. The encryption protects against physical theft, while the DAM protects against insider abuse and certain forms of external attack
  • As a change and configuration management tool. Some DAM tools offer closed-loop integration with external change management tools to track approved database changes implemented in SQL. Other tools can then track administrator activity and provide change management reports for manual reconciliation.

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