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What is Remote Browser Isolation?

Browser Isolation, also known as Web Isolation, is a solution that isolates your end-user browsing activity to protect your environment. It also can be referred to as a browser in a browser.

The solution acts as a sandbox where all browsing activity and downloads are sanitized and validated in order to protect computers from any malicious software the user may encounter.

The browser isolation solution protects your endpoint from any malicious software as the solution eliminates  or restricts the access to the end user’s machine. 

The solution separates and isolates the end user machine from all web-based threats and malicious cyber threats because they are executed in a  virtual environment and not on the users’ desktops.

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As many organization’s breaches originate from end users’ browsing activity, such as clicking a link or opening an advertisement, Gartner stated back in 2017 that, “Almost all successful attacks originate from the public internet, and browser-based attacks are the leading source of attacks on users.

Information security architects can’t stop attacks but can contain damage by isolating end-user internet browsing sessions from enterprise endpoints and networks.

By isolating the browsing function, malware is kept off of the end-user’s system and the enterprise has significantly reduced the surface area for attack by shifting the risk of attack to the server sessions, which can be reset to a known good state on every new browsing session, tab opened or URL accessed.”

There are many other security solutions that aim to protect end users as well from malicious threats by blocking certain sites or filtering web content, yet such approaches are defenceless and useless when it comes to zero-day threats and unknown threats.

Interested In Remote Browser Isolation Solutions? Speak To Our Team Today

Features & Capabilities

  • Provide a safe browsing environment for all your end users. 
  • Provide maximum security control with no disturbance to the end user browsing experience. 
  • Sanitize and validate all the data and information that arrives on the user’s browser. 
  • If any malicious code is executed or downloaded, the solution will prevent it from reaching the end user’s browser. 
  • Protect against zero-day threats and fraud. 
  • Protects against drive-by infection, advertising, and ransomware. 
  • Acts as a proxy to filter users’ requests and whitelist and blacklist suspicious domains and sites.
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How to benefit from Remote Browser Isolation Services?

The solution offers the end users a virtual and non-persistent browser environment. Once the session is closed or terminated, the browser environment is restarted to a good state or discarded. Therefore, any malicious code executed by mistake during the session is isolated from the end user’s desktop. The solution prevents problems and protects the end user from any known and unknown malicious codes, including zero-day threats and attacks. 

Web browser isolation solutions are becoming very common among business applications as all government entities rely on internet usage and browsing. However, web browsing comes with a great risk as it is considered a major access point for malware, advertising and fraud threats that can harm and rapidly spread among your organization. 

Cyber Gate Team offers browser isolation solutions with a project plan to execute and deploy the solution among all end users and secure the environment and organization from any known and unknown threats and attacks.

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