SOC Managed Security Services

At CYBERGATE we designed our Security Intelligence Services to help our clients respond proactively to threats 24×7, delivering an even greater level of protection through CYBERGATE next generation SOC.

We Understand the growing complexity of securing your organization’s critical assets while keeping up with the fast-digital transformation. Partnering your security operations to a specialized managed security service provider is not just a cost-effective approach but actually adds significant advantages when it comes to running the operations.

Having a fully dedicated skilled team of cyber security experts running your security operations and incident management as a managed service is the most efficient approach. At CYBERGATE we designed our Security Intelligence Services to help our clients respond proactively to threats 24×7, delivering an even greater level of protection through CYBERGATE next generation SOC.

What we Do

The unique blend of Cybergate Technologies and cyber gate’s qualified experts will be monitoring your environment by which we deliver the 24*7 Managed Security Services.

  • 24 *7* 365 days Monitoring
  • Protective Monitoring
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Maturity Modelling

What we Deliver

We exactly direct you to the areas that you should care about and what you need to know rather than making you spend the whole time looking into products and a huge pile of messages.

Focus on What Matters

We help you to make use of the best of your existing technologies and thereby filter out all the noise and false positives. By this, we achieve one of our key deliverable which is focusing on the threats that we need to really care about.


We just don’t fill the SLA KPI data sheet.

Being your security partner, we offer you customized useful dashboards that meets your security visibility needs and more.

  • Security transportation
  • Repeated tasks automation
  • Quick MTTD & MTTR
  • Cost effective

Transparency in What We Do

You get complete visibility at par with what our team receives. We thus ensure that there is never a situation to doubt Cybergate on what we are doing on your behalf.

Building Resilience

We do deep dive analysis and various baselining with past trends and thereby fixing the root cause of all the repeated and recurring Alerts or contain them at their first event of an occurrence.

Orchestration and Automation

CyberGate secures a distinct competitive advantage (what we consider “disruptive” to the entire security operations sector) as the industry’s first secure, scalable, knowledge-based, awareness-driven, and encrypted security management intelligence platform built for the security operations market. CyberGate custom Meta-Data Driven Architecture makes its technology nearly impossible to replicate. It also allows CyberGate to launch new features, pages, and functions in a fraction of the time required with traditional coding efforts. CyberGate also differs from its closest competition (ticketing systems, email, and Word documents) in its scalability, customizability, patent-pending visual workflow engine, and streamlining integrations. Designed as a SaaS product, the platform can also be deployed on premise for those organizations that require it.
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SOC Simulation

We offer a hyper-realistic simulation platform enabling top-tier organizations to set up and manage their own cyber security training centers. The platform enables the organization’s cyber security professionals to participate in hands-on training in a real-world environment. The Range also serves as a testbed for assessing security tools and architecture in a safe and controllable environment.

Providing One of the world’s leading training platform, our simulation range enables both cyber security staff and company executives to practice real-world incident management scenarios and significantly improve their performance when an actual security incident takes place. The Range accelerates qualification, reduces certification time, and produces staff which is more competent and up to date.

We simulate networks, traffic and threats over virtual machines, and can feature additional appliances and hardware to accurately represent company networks.
The simulated network is injected with traffic, simulating typical activity such as user emails, web-surfing, and server communications. In addition, real-life attack scenarios are injected into the network, using predefined attack scenario library as well as custom-built scenarios.

Trainees are scored as they identify, track, investigate, respond and remediate threats and reach predefined session’s goals. The session is recorded and documented on a timeline, to be later replayed and reviewed in a debriefing session. Trainees’ skills and capabilities are evaluated for further reference and training.

Every session can be rolled-back and repeated. We provide provide IT and OT network simulation with physical OT hardware, and supports both individual and team training.
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