Providing The Full Spectrum of Cyber Security Defenses; Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Data Security

Data Classification

We offer the world leading Enterprise Classification System that blends together best practice in user-centric and automated classification techniques in the manner most appropriate to your business. The Classifier360 classification techniques include:

  • User-Driven Classification – Users are empowered to make business-centric classification decisions
  • Recommended Classification – Rules are used to propose a classification to the user, based upon User or Data attributes
  • Prescribed Classification – Data is automatically classified without user involvement, for example in the case of system generated data
  • User-Endorsed Classification – Supplements any of the other classification techniques by applying classification labels that require additional user endorsement before being regarded as authoritative

Data Leakage Prevention

The First and Only Solution that Provides Data Protection from ALL THREATS. Leveraging our new DG ARC cloud service, the DG Data Protection Platform detects threats and stops data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders as well as external adversaries. By converging DLP and threat detection and response, you have one less endpoint agent to manage and one less console to monitor. Our platform puts your most sensitive information assets at the center of all data protection, activity monitoring and threat prevention, detection and response activities.

Solutions that meet essential use cases such as insider threat protection, data compliance, IP protection, enterprise data visibility and advanced threat protection.

  • DG Data Discovery – visibility and auditing of potentially unsecured data
  • DG Data Classification – the most comprehensive classification – content, context and user-based
  • DG Network DLP – stops sensitive data from leaving your network
  • DG Endpoint DLP – stops data loss by securing endpoints
  • DG Cloud Data Protection – stops loss of data in cloud applications such as Office 365
  • DG Endpoint Detection and Response – detect, investigate, and mitigate suspicious activities and behaviors at the endpoint

Database Security

We offer platform that forms the foundation for secure data, file and web application solutions. The solutions are designed to work together, yet can be independently deployed. Our platform protects data in the cloud and on premise, providing out-of-the-box capabilities that reduce the requirement for specialized security and compliance resources and staff. Deployment is fast, enabling even the largest organizations to provide protection of critical data in days or weeks, with in-depth and full coverage across thousands of data stores in a matter of months.