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What Cyber Security Services Do We Offer?

When the services are considered together, they provide a high level, strategic view of the lifecycle of an organization’s management of cybersecurity risk.

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Cyber Security Challenges

There is a growing concern of cyber-attacks on individuals, businesses, governments and the heavy industry which our modern lives depend on. There is a tangible risk of these systems being vulnerable and targeted. Governments are targeted by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), by groups or nation state that are willing to employ time and resources to attack a specific system. For these kinds of attacks, there is a strong likelihood that a compromise will have national security implications.

Our Commitment

We believe that a cyber security provider can be about more than just the profits it makes, that by doing things the right way we can be a powerful force for good and safe environment where people and business communicate in cyber space with harmony. By developing your strengths and enabling you to participate securely online, we’ll help you to fulfil your security posture and getting the most from your IT investment.

Why we are Different

Beyond our significant local presence, we have the in-house depth and breadth of information and cyber security expertise required to respond to the most technical information security challenges related to both Information and Operational Technology.


Emirati Owned Company, headquartered in the UAE. Over the years Cyber Gate has provided the UAE Government with high intelligent services and solutions. Today the scope of our services has been extended to include cyber security solutions aimed to strengthen the nation from cyber-attacks.


We currently operate in the Government sector providing value-added services and built solutions across the entire spectrum of cyber defense.

Security Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team of information and cyber security professionals includes internationally renowned experts in the fields of protecting the critical infrastructure, industrial control systems, information systems and networks.

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