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Why Choose Our Governance, Risk & Compliance Service?

Here at CyberGate Defense, we use the latest technology in the Cyber Security industry to help secure IT infrastructure for businesses across the UAE.

There are now many ‘best practice’ guidelines and requirements in circulation, created within many jurisdictions and by many different bodies for a wide variety of reasons.  

Management standards are often bespoke to specific industries or cover specific management themes, but all have common characteristics:

The desire to ensure appropriate accountability for management; the need to ensure an organization remains resilient; and that management practices are properly embedded in the business concerned.

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CyberGate is a qualified organization with proven experience in delivering information security framework assessments and program development.

CyberGate has developed a mode of operating that considers the broad spectrum of best practices, including our own experience derived from working with clients in multiple industry sectors.

It should be noted that our best practice methodology does not replace the need to comply with any particular management standards, rather we have built our best practice methodologies to be compliant with all international standards and more besides.

Hence we can deliver value beyond mere compliance.

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The CyberGate approach is driven around in-house customized proprietary Governance as a Service model (GaaS). Our GaaS portfolio includes a governance service, risk management services and compliance with both technical and regulatory standards..

CyberGate’s team has proven expertise in:

  The development and execution of security frameworks within compliance with regulatory requirements

  Facilitating diverse groups to drive alignment and the adoption of security practices

  Mitigation methods in functional areas that show how to assess and document information security gaps and how to process them as identified in requirement guidelines.


  • ISO 27001 Implementation and auditing
  • ISO 20000 Implementation
  • ISO 22301- Implementing business continuity systems
  • ISO 18788 Implementation
  • NESA (UAE Information Assurance) Implementation and auditing
  • ISR (Information Security Regulation by Dubai govt) Implementation and auditing
  • SOX Compliance and auditing
  • PCI DSS Implementation and certification
  • COBIT Maturity assessments
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Code reviews
  • Architecture reviews
  • Security hardening
  • Configuration reviews and MSB creation
  • Cloud security
  • Web application testing
  • Mobile Application testing
  • VOIP reviews
  • Social engineering assessments
  • Threat modelling
  • Active directory assessments

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We support organizations by delivering tailored services, by taking over functions that will manage the whole ISMS, by acting as vCISO or by managing parts of the ISMS process in the organization

OUR Methodology

CyberGate’s methodology is based on principles of cyber risk management that are designed to have a significant positive impact on our clients’ success.


Our strengths include the diversification of services and products. As an Emirati organization, we have specialized  teams that are focused on ways to deliver crafted services through a network of partners around the globe.

This includes a full 360-degree spectrum of cybersecurity practices that can be relied upon anywhere. Indeed, as well as providing 100% regional operations, CyberGate is trusted by local and federal entities throughout the Emirates – and the wider region – to monitor their security operations.

With such pre-eminent expertise, our strengths in the world of cybersecurity will only intensify as time goes by.


Our Principles of Cyber Risk Management

  • Maximize stakeholder value
  • Optimize risk-informed management decision-making
  • Sub-set of enterprise risk management
  • An integrated view, not silos
  • Comprehensive activity that takes a focused perspective
  • Tailored to an organization’s maturity
  • Risk managed, not avoided
  • Continuous process

Cyber Risk Management Results

  • Protect data assets through more sophisticated, risk-informed decisions
  • Keep senior management focused on business management, not crisis management
  • Manage the frequency and severity of unexpected digital data and related losses
  • Improve corporate governance compliance
  • Equip senior management with timely and effective clear lines of sight on the cyber-related issues which need to be addressed to ensure success


The Cybergate GRC team is diversified to ensure we have the right level of expertise to answer all of the needs of our clients. Our team members come with long-term experience drawn from different industries and geographies.

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